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Only 134 were freed on Sunday, less than on previous days, despite government hopes that more than 1,000 would be able to leave a city battered by 13 days of intense fighting. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte predicted the siege would be over within days despite fierce resistance by fighters aligned to Islamic State in the dense urban heart of the southern Philippines city. "This will be over in about three more days," Duterte said on Saturday after visiting a hospital in Cagayan de Oro where wounded soldiers were being treated. "I will not hesitate to use every power available." About 400 local militants reinforced by about 40 foreign fighters stormed Marawi on May 23, using sophisticated battlefield tactics to take control of large swaths of the lakeside city. They have been pushed back to the city center by Philippines forces over the past week after some 4,000 ground troops were bolstered by helicopters and aircraft deploying rockets and bombs. Many residents have told Reuters that the airstrikes caused extensive property damage and dozens of civilian deaths. Authorities lifted the civilian death toll from 20 to 38 on Sunday - but said all those deaths were caused by militants. A presidential spokesman said 120 militants had died, along with 38 government forces. Duterte said the use of air power had been restrained so far. "I can end this war in 24 hours," he said.

Athletic footwear store finds good fit in Norwood Charlotte Walsh, owner of Charles River Running in Norwood. By Paul E. Kandarian Globe Correspondent  Charlotte Walsh was 14 when she got fitted for her first pair of running shoes, recalling her feet being measured and being asked about her running goals. That stuck with her, she said, and now, at 50, Walsh, a Westwood resident and former Marine, owns and runs Charles River Running in Norwood, selling athletic footwear and accessories. In November, her business was named one of Competitor magazine’s top 50 running stores in the United States. We spoke to Walsh for this story. Q. How do you compete with the big retail stores? A. All our staffers are runners -- they know running -- and we measure your feet, put you in the category of shoe you need, and work with you until you find the right shoes. That just doesn’t exist in big box stores and certainly not online.

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