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While having Boujarwah and Gilbert personally shopping for customers was great for morale and data collection, making the 34th Street loop in Manhattan (Macys, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, etc.) also helped the co-founders make friends with associates in plus-size departments. Margaret Hudson, 28, was working in the plus-size section of Lord & Taylor when she met Boujarwah, who kept coming in for piles of clothing. Hudson grew up plus-size in a small Connecticut town, but didnt really knew what it meant to be a plus-size person. She describes her shopping experiences growing up as torturous: Well buy an XXL and hopefully that will fit until were not sure when. But working retail helped her get through college. Afterward, she transferred to the New York location of Lord & Taylor because she loved New York, but she was immediately typecast for the plus-size department. She threw herself into the department, working with vendors to really know the product and women to learn how high-end garments fit on plus-size bodies. She soon met Boujarwah, who would purchase mountains of clothing from Lord & Taylor. When Boujarwah explained Dia & Co., Hudson was blown away by the idea of a company focusing solely on plus-size women. Eventually, Hudson left retail for a garbage marketing job that gave her some economic stability, but she still wasnt fulfilled. Eventually, Boujarwah approached her to work for Dia, so Hudson worked at her terrible marketing job during the week and weekends at Dia in May 2016.

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