China The preamble of what state media is calling China's "declaration of rights" will be announced on Wednesday and is expected to be passed by the close of the National People's Congress (NPC) on March 15, paving the way for more detailed laws expected to be passed in 2020. The changes are part of President Xi Jinping's wider push to align the legal system with the country's social and economic modernization and for some legal reformers, the code is a test of how far China will go in allowing civil liberties that might impinge upon state power. "Civil law is the fundamental doctrine for a country's legal system, the source of its basic essence," Liang Ying, head of the NPC Legislative Affairs Research institute, told state media on Sunday. "A foundational civil (law) system is an important sign of whether a country's legal system is mature." Xi has made governing the nation by law a top priority of his tenure though he has drawn a line at allowing the courts to expand their power at the expense of the Communist Party's control. Since pledging to reform and open in 1978, China has been gradually shifting its legal system away from a socialist law towards something closer to a European-style legal system. In 2011, China declared that "socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics" had been established, but officials themselves say China's laws remains a work in progress. SAMARITANS, PROPERTY RIGHTS The preamble, which was released in draft form to the public in June last year, seeks to address some of the legal issues that have gnawed at public consciousness in recent years, such as who is responsible for China's abandoned children and elderly, or what protections cover so-called "Good Samaritans". China's incomplete legal system was heavily criticized for an incident in 2011 when multiple passersby ignored a toddler knocked to the ground in a hit-and-run. Shocked observers said the lack of clarity on civil rights leaves helpers at risk of liability when coming to the aid of strangers. Reformers also hope the code will resolve the issue of guardianship for "left behind" children whose parents work away from home and "empty nest" elderly folk who are similarly abandoned by their children.

Did we just get a major Bachelor spoiler courtesy of a store in Canada that posted a pic to Instagram of contestant Vanessa Grimaldi standing next to the shops wedding dresses? Could it be that Nick Viall proposed to Vanessa and shes picking out her bridal gown!?! On March 6, Bachelor Nation found out thatNick Viall, 36, had officially narrowed down Season 21s contestants to just two ladies Vanessa Grimaldi, 29, and Raven Gates, 25 and that come the following week the world would know who he got down on one knee for. However, Le Chateau, a sportswear chain store in Canada, may have revealed that for him by posting a picture of Vanessa standing in one of their shops near a bunch of wedding dresses! A post shared by LE CHATEAU (@lechateau) on Mar 6, 2017 at 9:01am PST Holly Wiancko, thecreative coordinator for the Montreal store, posted the pic to Instagram on March 3, three days before the March 6 episode of The Bachelor ,which revealed the final two were Vanessa and Raven, even aired! The Bachelor: Women Tell All Season 21 Needless to say, some fans were pretty upset when they saw the pic and cried spoiler! Well, slow your roll people, because sources told TMZ that the store asked the special education teacher (and Montreal native) to come check out their new line and discuss a partnership. She didnt even try on anything from the bridal section, however, the store did post a pic of her wearing a very comfy looking sweater to more information their Instagram! HollywoodLifers, do you think that Vanessa is the contestant that Nick will choose to propose to? If so, do you think she says yes?

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