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Another complex, larger-than-life figure of the early republic, he is now rightly condemned for his pro-slavery stridency. But to remove statues of him from public places in Washington, D.C., and South Carolina, and his name from a Yale residential college , as some propose, would be another step in the simplifying and ideologizing of our history. The communists would airbrush figures out of photographs of their ruling pantheons in the wake of a purge. We are on the road to doing similar. The academic clerisy and the writers of history textbooks have too often been complicit in this trend. True, we must also bear in mind that it is normal for history to be modified and adapted to the needs of the present. But while historical reputations may change over time, delegitimizing rather than merely critiquing the core drama of the American experience the settlement of a continent, which Jackson and Calhoun did so much to foster will leave us morally helpless in dealing with the challenges of a dangerous world that cries out for our help. If we feel ourselves unworthy, it will ultimately be impossible for us to project power as we should. And being worthy is not a matter of simplifying our past but also about feeling rightly uncomfortable with parts of it. But all this is a matter of nuance and sensitivity, to which Trumps populism is as much a danger as the hard-line academic left. Actually, the real American past multilayered and beautiful, despite its bouts of ugliness, and also holding stores of inspiration is right there in front of our eyes, ready to be deployed in the intellectual battlefront.

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