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Additionally, the publicity given to Massachusetts adoption of federal requirements for childrens sleepwear might have meant that parents were more alert to potential dangers and dressed their children accordingly. Another explanation for decreased burn rates could stem from a social behavior on the decline in the late 1970s. Public health campaigns linking smoking and cancer resulted in a lower rate of smoking among many populations. Its possible, then, that the pediatric burn rate was in part affected by lack of smoking. There were fewer lighters and matches for children to discover in the wee hours of the morning, which is why the flame-resistant emphasis was placed on sleepwear in the first place. The CPSC states in its 2000 introduction to the yellow tags, children are most likely to be burned by playing with fire just before bedtime and just after rising in the morning. The cancer fears that led to a decline in smoking rates also led to a change to the CPSCs childrens sleepwear policy. In the late 70s, doctors were also concerned about new possible cancers resulting from the flame retardants used to treat childrens sleepwear, which brings us to the current requirements that sleepwear be either flame-resistant or snug-fitting. Tight pajamas may not be as safe as flame-resistant ones, but loose clothing is more likely to catch fire than tight clothing. The CPSC regulations are intended to protect children from serious burn injuries if they come in contact with a small flame, like a candle, match, or lighter. Now that many homes favor electric ranges to gas ones, LED candles, and even projector fireplaces, children might be at lower risk than ever of small flame burn injuries. So should I have kept those cute ghost pajamas, even though the fabric wasnt flame-resistant?

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They are increasingly upset and angry at the barrage of detrimental comments about the company, which in their view is unjustified." Sports Direct has suffered from a number of scandals in recent months. After HMRC looked into whether workers at its Derbyshire warehouse were paid below the minimum wage , a damning report by the the Business, Innovation and Skills committee said employees of the company were " not treated as humans ". Since the criticism over its treatment of staff began, a delegation of ชุดคอสเพลย์ MPs claimed an attempt was made to record them in a private discussion while on a visit to the firm's Shirebrook warehouse. Most recently, an investigation into the company's accounts was launched . Several senior employees have also left the company. Dave Forsey stepped down as chief executive and was replaced by Mr Ashley. Acting finance director Matt Pearson was replaced by another interim appointment, Herbert Monteith, in October . Analysis: Dominic O'Connell, business presenter, Today programme A subtle sign of the change in mindset at Sports Direct comes deep in the fine print of today's interim results. Under the prim heading "corporate assets and facilities", the company says it is about to take delivery of a corporate plane.

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