Gabe Dungan is the owner of Muse , a local bed-in-a-box company located in South End. According to Dungan, 35, online bed-in-a-box sales could grow from 7 percent of mattress sales to 25 percent. “I think it [the online trend] started around five years ago in the United States,” said Dungan. “It’s the convenience factor. People, my age and younger, don’t really enjoy going to a mattress store or department store to pick out a mattress.” Dungan is concentrating on his new line, Muse, a memory foam mattress that ships in a box within five to seven days after an online purchase. The mattresses are manufactured in Indiana. Their beds range from $600 for a twin to $1000 for a California King. Another bed-in-a-box business, Dromma (Swedish for “dream”) in Mooresville is owned by Derek Ridge, 26. Ridge’s company is just two years old. Their memory foam mattress line is made in Hickory and runs $549 for the twin and $949 for the California King.

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